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Making traditional light-hearted!

by tricedewolf - March 11th, 2015

This traditional four poster bed is uplifted by the contemporary grey and white toile fabric used to make the custom bedding.  Peeking out of the edges is a bright coral linen that matches the Moutouk edging on the sheets.


The artwork is an original pencil drawing by the client’s great grandfather, and it rests against a beautifully woven grasscloth.  The drapery is an unlined, 1/2″ pleated cotton that softens the plantation shutters on the windows.

P1020739This is a guest room sure to please its visitors!  The antiques and antique reproductions in the room sit nicely with their modern friends!

Adding color to your home!

by tricedewolf - January 24th, 2015

sweeney LR#1Neutral colors are something that makes a home classic and calm, but it can sometimes be just boring without a little color. If your eye doesn’t have anything to grab its attention, then it just scans the space and comprehends just a blur of objects.
The human soul and psyche craves color, and if we deny ourselves then our homes can’t make us as happy as they might. Here is a beautiful living room that just had a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore’s Fantasy Blue. As a result, the furnishings and artwork “pop” and become more prominent.

Suddenly it is a much more approachable and enjoyable space. The color is subtle, yet adds a sense of tranquility and peace to a gorgeous room. What a pleasure to sit and watch the fire or sip a glass of wine with friends and family!


by tricedewolf - December 14th, 2011

A Christmas tree is the perfect opportunity to interpret
your family’s style or your home’s interior style.  I recently had the pleasure of working with
clients who were puzzled about what to do to make their tree compliment their
dining room – which happens to be the heart and center of the home.


For years this couple had collected ornaments from their
travels that they mixed in with homemade ornaments their children created.  Now the “kids” are grown and wanting to have
their own ornaments for their homes, so it was the perfect time to consider a new tree decor.

The challenge: a dining room with mahogany wood, deep
caramel colored walls, and a sky blue ceiling.
All of the botanical artwork is framed in gold, and gold also accents
the chandelier.  Sooooo, obviously red
and green is out!  Now there are all
kinds of colors out there in ornaments and decorations, but not much in blue
and caramel.


In search of new tree décor, my client and I fell in love
with some silver and white ornaments and ribbon.  To make that work with the gold accents in
the room, we added some ribbon that was white with gold accents and some gold
and silver ornaments. To tie in with the botanicals on the wall –and the blue
ceiling – we found some beautiful blue silk hydrangeas that were interspersed
throughout the tree and used for the “topper”.

My clients told me that they have the tree plugged in
whenever they are in the house they love it so much.  And that is the key to decorating a tree –
make it something you love!  Oh yeah, and
they still love their collected ornaments so they did another tree decorated by
the family in the living room.


Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!

Nature’s Bounty

by tricedewolf - October 23rd, 2011

Nature's Bounty Centerpiece

Last weekend brought beautiful fall weather to central Florida and also a time to celebrate my high school class reunion.  Other people made the arrangements for where to gather, what to have for food, and I think six bands in total (we were rockin’ , people!), and I volunteered to do the decor.  Now you must understand that we are a very laid back group, and the name of our school is Forest High School, and we had no “decor” budget to speak of.  Anyway, it led me to think what I could find in the woods to use to make this typical banquet room feel a little more “forest-y”!

You can tell by my logo that I love palmetto palms, so I decided to start there.  We found some ceramic containers on clearance that were terra cotta (or became that color with the help of some paint), so I had something sturdy enough to use for these forest materials.  Altogether, there were 80 palms used, lots of pine, and some very cool sticks with moss and lichens growing on them.  With a circle of moss around the base of the arrangements, we were able to “hide” the battery powered votive “candles”, so that after dark we had a nice atmosphere created.

With some bamboo here and there, and a few palm trees brought in, a very festive setting made a great background for a wonderful two nights of parties!


by tricedewolf - August 27th, 2011

Steelcase Double Workstation



Everyone can agree that today’s business environment is competitive, fast-paced, hectic, and stressful.  All employees are expected to perform at their peak – interacting with others in the office on “the team”, brainstorming ideas fast and furiously, quickly developing concepts and coming to quick solutions and decisions.

Steelcase, always a leader in quality office furniture, has developed the group shown here.  It is as fresh looking as it is a fresh idea for how today’s office can work in today’s world.  In a planning-type office, this duo setup gives plenty of individual worksurface for each person with the ability to freely communicate face to face without feeling “stuffed” into a small work space.

"Modern" Conferencing

As an alternative to a traditional conference table and chairs, Steelcase designed this “high top” table to work with several styles of chairs and stools.  It is quite easy to see how 2 or 3 people could start a “conference” and easily have several others come in and out of the meeting without it seeming like a disruption; unlike a traditional conference room would function.  Maybe someone just walking by might throw out a comment that could prove helpful!  And the boss can clearly see what is going on without appearing to hover.

Just like choosing a bar seat in a restaurant in lieu of a table, you feel more casual and are typically served my quickly.  Even today’s home furnishings are featuring high-top tables especially for game rooms and breakfast areas – so there is somewhere we are encouraged to pause and sit if only for a brief spell.  It is exciting to see the office environment following suit!


by tricedewolf - July 12th, 2011
Looking for supplies at the “orange box”

A clean slate and a “do over”…some people “start fresh” every January…some others use “spring” as the time to do major cleaning, sorting, and developing those huge bags to take to your favorite charity or put out with the trash…then there are the rest of us!  Don’t know what the percentage is, but it has got to be pretty significant, of the people who only do that “clean slate thang” when absolutely up against the wall.  Well, another way to look at it is that every day is a chance to hit that proverbial “do over” button.

Interior Design is a “messy” business!  Contrary to the HGTV shows that film scenes from the designer’s office where there are clear work surfaces with neat files and shelves of samples all lined up, most design offices only look like that a few times a year.  Design plans and blueprints, wallpaper books, paint samples, fabric swatches, flooring samples, and catalogs of furnishings, lighting, and so much more – all get spread out when working on projects.  There is usually a need to refer to these items as the project proceeds, so there is a tendency to keep them close at hand during the months of build-out and installation.

Last week was one of those times for me when I felt like the guy from the movie “Network”…I felt like screaming “I can’t take it anymore”.  So I buckled down and with some wonderful help got the office back to the point of being able to see the glass top of my desk and its beautiful “tree trunk” base (a plaster form that was hand-painted by one of my favorite artists and dearest friends).  There was even glass cleaner involved!  Oh my!  Many new files were created; other files were readied to be sent off to the archives; fabric samples were separated to return to the manufacturers.  Most exciting were the bags that went to the trash can!  My French guest chairs are now empty of “stuff” and ready to be sat in!

So I encourage you, dear readers, to push that “do over” button whether at home or your office and get “around” to doing what needs to be done and nags at you every day in the meantime.  My mother’s friend gave me a “ROUND TUIT” ( made of wood, it was the size of a quarter and had the “words” “ROUND TUIT” printed on it) years ago as a reminder, but I confess that it hasn’t helped.  But there is always hope!  Now that my creative space is organized and de-cluttered my creative mind will function with much more joy and enthusiasm!  Have fun!

Paint – keep your walls looking good!

by tricedewolf - March 30th, 2011

Most everyone knows that paint is the single most effective and inexpensive way of transforming your home.  Selecting the right color paint for your room’s interior a subject that will be covered in a future article – when in doubt, hire a professional!  Once you’ve decided to spend the money on painting, make sure to get the most out of your dollars. 

  1. Do-it-yourselfers and sloppy professionals rush to paint and don’t properly prepare the surface.  You have to clean your walls of handprints, cobwebs, and, if in the kitchen or bathroom, you need to clean off soap build-up, lotions, and greasy smoke residue. If you don’t, paint will stick to the dirt, not the walls, and it could fail.  And, while you’re at it, use good paint brushes and rollers so you don’t shed fibers into the paint.

I found a list from Atlanta’s “Paint Doctor” about maintaining your painted surfaces, and wanted to share that with you!  Happy Painting!

  1. Cleaning Marks: If you have a flat finish, you can’t wipe the stain off without burnishing the surface and leaving a shiny spot. Marks on flat paint are best touched up with a small roller.  Any other finish — eggshell, matte, satin, semi-gloss or gloss, you should gently wipe down ASAP. If you rub too hard, you’ll damage the surface. Instead, start with clear water on a rag or oft sponge and gently rub the stain. You can also use just a bit of dishwashing liquid in the water, or for stubborn stains, add gentle dishwashing liquid directly to the sponge or cloth you’re using. If you end up using Fantastik or Formula 409 to remove grease, rinse the wall with plain water afterward. Steer away from harsh chemicals as much as you can.
  2. Oily vs. Waterborne Stains: A wet cloth should clean up water based stains like wine, Jell-O, ketchup or smashed mosquitoes. Oily stains like cooking grease, crayon, shoe polish, etc., might require the soapy water approach.
  3. What my young ‘Picasso’ who used permanent markers on the walls? Try dishwashing liquid first, then work your way up to Comet on a sponge or an abrasive sponge. Sometimes Goo-Off works. If you need to repaint, use a stain-blocking primer first.
  4. What about scratches or dents from chairs or picture frames? The best approach here is prevention. Put rubber or felt bumpers on the backs of your picture frames. For chairs, you can put clear or light-colored rubber bumpers on the backs, or install a protective chair-rail strip.
  5. Do walls get dusty like furniture or upholstery? Vacuum your walls only if you have serious cobwebs or dust from construction. Make sure you use the brush attachment. Otherwise, there are better things to do with your time.
  6. Which paint finish is easiest to clean? Semi-gloss and gloss are generally recommended for kitchens, baths, trim, and doors because those finishes resist stains and water-drip marks. It’s also easier to clean. Flat finish for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and hallways because the walls are generally scuff and stain free.

It’s official – spring has “sprung”!

by tricedewolf - March 22nd, 2011

On a beautiful spring day in central Florida, I decided to go exploring.  This part of Florida has lots of small towns and little communities that were established (for the most part) over 100 years ago.  I have the rare circumstance of being a Florida native and the daughter of two Florida natives.  My grandparents on both sides were also born in Florida and at least one great-grandparent was a native Floridian.

My Grannie Trice grew up on a farm in the Santa Fe area north of Gainesville, and her uncle had the general store in Micanopy.  I remember Grannie telling me about visiting High Springs as a young girl, but I had never had a visit myself.  It was “high” time to check this place out!

And what a cute place!  High Springs is a quaint little hamlet where most of the old storefronts and small houses on the main drag have become shops filled with antiques and/or collectibles.  There is a nice restaurant situated on a prime corner and a hardware store that looks like it’s been there as long as the building (I LOVE old hardware stores – you never know what may be hidden on a shelf or in a bin!).

The art co-op is great!  Some really nice work by local artists including jewelry, sculpture, hand-blown glass, turned wood, and ceramics in addition to paintings and drawings in a wide variety of styles.  There are then two houses nestled under ancient oak trees that I loved.  “Heartstrings” featured vintage and antique furniture, tableware, gifts and accessories in addition to a large selection of Vera Bradley.  Cindy and Deidre were delightful women working in the shop that day offering help and a smile.  The last house, “Wisteria Cottage”, was a store full of unique country gifts ranging from inspirational to Gator chic.  They also have a yummy bakery in the back yard.  Shopping in High Springs is definitely a place to find that special something for the girlfriend or loved one who has everything.

There are at least a hand-full of other stores, large and small, that have obviously reaped the bounty from numerous estate sales.  You will also find a couple of consignment stores – one that specializes in childrens clothing.  All in all, a very pleasant, friendly town that for sure makes my list of “do-overs”!

From High Springs I headed south on Highway 27 through beautiful countryside inspiring a lazy, peaceful state of mind.  Pecan groves, cattlefarms, and tree farms can be seen along the highway as you wander down the road through Newberry and Archer.  I enjoyed driving through these small gems of historical Florida and look forward to longer visits when time allows.  I highly recommend venturing into this slower, more gentle world whenever you have the opportunity.  Safe travels and Happy Spring!

A sofa is not necessarily just a sofa…

by tricedewolf - February 22nd, 2011

Everyone needs one at some point in their lives.  Most of us start out with our first apartment – in college or just out of it – with either a sofa hand-me-down from mom and dad’s basement, or something that was rescued from the thrift store, or a selection from the rental furniture store. 


But when you are ready to buy a sofa for your home, it tends to get a little complicated.  Most of the women I know making that decision look at color and style – something that is reflective of their own personality.  Looking at catalogs, in person or on-line, can be confusing and overwhelming – trying to decide if you like something that is photographed in a fabric you can’t abide is challenging.  Visiting retail stores can seem limiting, thinking you have to choose between what you see on the showroom floor.  Again, you face the potential challenge of finding something that feels comfortable, but perhaps you can order in a different fabric.

I always advise my clients to start with size and shape.  Whenever buying new furnishings, you need to know where it will sit in the room, and how it will fit with the other furnishings that you have or ones that you need.  You should think and analyze the activities that will need to take place in the room being considered and how to “support” those activities.  Are you reading, working, and/or relaxing?  If entertaining, then how many people need to have a place to sit?  If you like to play games or do jig-saw puzzles then it might mean you need a game table in the space.

It is important to “develop a floorplan”, drawing the size of the room to scale and fitting the furnishings on the plan.  Too many times, I’ve seen what happens if you skip this step and just go buy something you like at the store.  Today’s mostly oversized furnishings rarely fit into the room they were purchased for, and you can be stuck with having to walk like a crab to move through the space.  Armed with a floorplan that incorporates the function of the space and the scale of the room, you will know if you need a sectional, a sofa and/or a loveseat, or whether you also need lounge chairs or even a recliner or two.

After you know the “footprint” (the shape and size), then you consider style.  What kind of arm design?  Loose cushions, tight back or throw cushions? What type of leg or skirt?  Connected to the style decision is comfort and support – do you like to sit up straight or be encouraged to slouch?  Cushions can be some type of foam, Dacron/polyfill or other man-made material, or feathers and down…or some combination.  All can be appropriate for different circumstances.

The last decision concerning your sofa is the fabric (or leather) choice.  Budget is obviously another big consideration, and your fabric choice plays a big role in that.  A high quality piece of furniture that is constructed to last for years (and then be re-upholstered) will lead to a different choice than if you are buying within a tight budget and know that your sofa will have a limited life-time.  Your fabric choice should take into account all of the activities your sofa will “host”.  Many different fibers, fabric color, types of weaves, and pattern type/scale are available today to accommodate kids, pets, and man-caves! 

This showroom features all white sofas, which makes deciding on a style so much easier.

Good news for the economy!

by tricedewolf - January 30th, 2011

This was a press release from the Market Center in Atlanta following the January Gift/Home Furnishings and Rug Market.  It was such great news, I just had to share 🙂

New Market High: AmericasMart Sets January Records, Jump-Starts 2011 Buying and Selling