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•    “Thank you, Linda!  I am so excited about my ‘extreme makeover’!  What a creative gift God has given you, and what a blessing you are in my life.”

•    “What a treasure we found when you first talked to us!  We have said to many people since we moved that of all the time and expense that went into building our home, that which we spent with you was the most valuable.  The way in which you blended your ideas with our own and balanced the result against the budget was truly amazing.”

•    “Linda has helped us with two other homes since we first worked together in 1984.  She remains a joy to work with and I can’t imagine collaborating with anyone else on a ‘house project’.  She is the consummate professional while at the same time maintaining a thoughtful and fun demeanor.”

•    “Thank you for the wonderful job you have done designing an interior that is just right for John and me.  We are completely comfortable in our space, and we always get compliments on the unique, elegant design.  It’s amazing how you can make everything come together in a way that reflects who we are.”

•    “Everything you’ve done for us has turned out better than we could ever have imagined, Linda, and we thank you for that.  In addition to just being a very nice person who is easy to work with, we find you an excellent listener, an excellent accommodator, and an excellent referee!”

•    “Your ability to listen, interpret, create, and complete the remake of our home has been extraordinary.  Thank you for the reassuring confidence you possess which allows you to truly be a partner with your client.  With your talent and creativity we were able to accomplish so much more than I expected given the budget – you squeezed the most out of each design dollar. Each time we have guests they inevitably comment on the beauty as well as the comfort of our home, and it is truly a reflection of our family’s values and style.”

•    Thank you so very much, Linda, for turning the home of my fiance and  his late wife into OUR home.  What I didn’t fully appreciate until I saw it in action was how diplomatically you were able to handle the combining of his taste and belongings with my own things and style in way that reflects our life together.  We regularly receive compliments from friends who knew the home before our marriage, and look forward to your help with our next home when we find it!

•    Although I knew you were good at interior design, I didn’t really understand what that meant until we worked together.  You are GOOD, girl!  Bob and I love what you have done and I look forward to our next project with you.

•    How fortunate we’ve been to have you leading us through the process of designing the renovations for our home.  You have been so great to work with, and we are so excited about our ‘new’ house that feels more like home than we could possibly imagine.  Thanks for your patience, your expertise, your creativity, and for making it fun!

•    You have such a talent, Linda!  There is no way that I could have done this kitchen renovation without your help, guidance, and calming spirit.  Now my kitchen is refreshing while preparing meals – it is now a pleasure to cook instead of drudgery, and everyone who has seen the new kitchen exclaims over how beautiful it is.

•    Thanks for being a ‘design partner’, working with my ideas and previous purchases to create a beautiful home that our whole family enjoys.   Now I know that I am a good ‘decorator’, but your Interior Design talents make all the difference in the world!  From here on out I want your help whenever I tackle any new design project.




Georgia Chapter, ASID First Place Residential Design

Georgia Chapter, ASID First Place Retail Design

Music, Inc. Magazine Retail Design Excellence Award

Georgia Chapter, ASID Silver Award for Kitchen Design

State of Georgia Special Achievement Award



Linda DeWolf’s work has been noted by several publications including Southern Living, Southern Homes and Lifestyles, Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Gwinnett Daily News, and Music Inc. Magazine.  Ms. DeWolf authored an article for Music Inc. magazine on Store Design, and in another issue wrote an article on Lighting Design for Retail Spaces.